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2016 New Nike Tiempo Legend VI Soccer

Posted by admin 03/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


Starting in the 1994 US World Cup, Nike Tiempo as one of the greatest shoes, will soon celebrate the 20th anniversary, we look back at several recently released - the Nike Tiempo Legend Tiempo usher in the next chapter ...
From its debut in 1994 until today, Tiempo always popular, Nike in a few years in the form of subtle fine-tuning along the way, can get a glimpse of the evolution from the current four generations of legend. Tiempo Legend The story began in 2005, the year Nike released the Air Tiempo Legend to replace Tiempo Premier. Golden Globe winner, Barcelona star Ronaldinho and Andrea Pirlo and England international Joe Cole became the leading voice of a new generation of Tiempo. In 2006, Tiempo Legend II was born, its 2008 edition of the European Cup of color stand out. Nike released a special version of the retro brown shoes series, including Tiempo. The appearance of old-fashioned brown shoe outsole combined with bright blue shoes in the summer swept Austria and Switzerland, the Department shall also limited international events began to take shape. Spain won the European Cup a year later, Nike released the Tiempo Legend III. If Euro 2008, paragraph Tiempo Legend is a beautiful fusion of vintage and modern, the 2010 World Cup section called colorful disaster, at least our initial reaction. Tiempo Legend installed a carbon fiber chassis to reduce weight, and up to the elite level; for the European Cup, Nike has created a section corresponding to the line, but this is too bright, really bright.
Nike successfully its players visually dominated the court, on the 2010 World Cup seems to be ugly sticks Tiempo severely beating, but the latest Tiempo still be remembered, this time Nike Soccer Cleats did not bad. Tiempo Legend looks like four generations of the years has been hovering at around? Legend IV Elite released in 2011, it is still one of the most popular Tiempo. Nike gave up the tongue design, design exquisite dark orange color, increasing the carbon fiber floor, close to 300 pounds Tiempo Legend IV Elite did not make a lot of players this shoe off. Later, an international tournament, Nike has released a limited-edition line of shoes, 2012 Legend Cup four generations of European funds enabled each department followed all use different colors to distinguish between black and white color separation. Nike Tiempo retain elite carbon fiber chassis, bold art expert wearing these shoes Pirlo spoon penalty into the penalty will be eliminated England. Our view: 2012 European Cup color section is the best shoes Tiempo, followed by the CTR series. Where to go? Nike Tiempo Legend 2 years after the release of four generations between still strong, for a label is concerned, has not made any shoes for a few years even get updates on a long time. As part of the latest Tiempo Legend paragraph secretive system has been leaked, the next generation may be the last pair having Tiempo Tiempo Legend shoes four generations of the property.