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2017 Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots

Posted by admin 11/12/2017 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Nike Magista ghost card in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil can be described as pocketed to the eye, the main endorsement of personality in the final overtime "surprise" for the fourth time the German team boarded the top of football. Compared to super-top models of New Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots Royal Blue Silver, Top Opus got a lot less attention, but we still can see Javier Mascherano in Brazil World Cup, Curtuva, Busquets and other players choose to trust Magista Opus. We have already introduced in the graphic this paragraph has not been in the country for the top models, the static evaluation for everyone to bring more detailed data, more in-depth understanding of it from the details.


Ghost brand main concept of a new "create", designed to motivate surprise players. Vamp full of solid three-dimensional grid, such as "cobwebs" like to catch the ball. Compared to the ultra-top models Obra's mid-help collar design, Opus shape more easily acceptable.

top models Nike Magista Opus II Kanga-Lite kangaroo Microfiber and Nikeskin fabric composite with a special fabric, softness and flexibility are very satisfactory. Kanga-Lite to ensure the flexibility, toughness and strength of the upper, and Nikeskin has improved softness and breathability, three-dimensional grid is also conducive to the control of the ball, have to say that the application of this composite fabric is another initiative.

Xiao Bian Opinion: I even think that the innovation of this fabric to a certain extent better than New Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots Grey Obra's Flyknit knitted material even better, the inside of the grid black and red outside the intersection of the toe gradient, creating a fantastic visual effects. Shoe straps in the side, to make a larger outer dribble dribbling space, which can not help but recall the CTR360 series has been the curtain call classic.

You can see the integration of external integration behind the larger cup bra cup, the package is very ideal. But hypertrophy with the Ministry of friends may feel that this part of the folder, take some time to adapt. Upper and heel thickness of 8.3 mm and 8.9 mm, sponge cushion thick, soft and comfortable material.


Compared with the previous CTR360, the insole is completely different in shape and material: the arch area is more adducted and closer to Poison and Assassin. The use of fabric on the surface reduces the skid resistance and also removes the PORON cushioning material, replacing it with a lightweight foam that adds breathability.

Each pair of shoes have their own personality, designers in the creation of a new product when the theme is drawn, is the personality of this shoe. Magista ghost brand to control the overall situation as a mission, in its own shape also has a versatile shoes some of the characteristics. The new fabric surprised us and creatively combined Kanga-Lite with Nikeskin to create unexpected results. While New Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots Fluo Green Obra's Flyknit fabric takes away most of the attention, Opus can be arguably the same, even traditional designs are better suited to everyone's shoe-wearing habits