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About adidas football shoes, you need to know these

Posted by admin 14/07/2020 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

Adidas football shoes have a very complete product line. All football shoes products are divided into different categories through different series and levels. As long as there is a clear goal, you can quickly choose the shoes you want. Today, we will popularize the basic knowledge of Adidas football shoes from the perspective of purchase, and sort out the ideas when buying Adidas boots for our friends.

Sneakers series

Adidas football shoes are divided into four series through different types of functions, namely the control boots Predator "Falcon" series, the smart attack boots Nemeziz series, the speed boots X series and the new tactile boots Copa series.


Different series of boots have different designs in upper material, function, outsole spikes and so on. For example, the Predator 19, which emphasizes control and strength, uses knitted fabrics and friction stripes. The X 18, which emphasizes speed, uses thin artificial microfiber materials, and the Copa 19, which emphasizes touch, uses a no-trace kangaroo leather upper. Different designs bring more unique functionality and wearing experience, and also better assist players to play in the game. According to the current development and design process of football shoes, brand designers and professional players will have a very close cooperation, so the different designs of different series have a cause, and it is not a brainstorm. Falling on the purchase of sneakers, friends need to understand their style of play, such as the position of the stadium, technical characteristics, etc., so that they can choose a suitable series of shoes.

Endorsement player

Another way to choose a sneaker series is to judge from endorsement players. There are many stars with different styles on the professional arena, which is also one of the reasons why the types of football equipment brand shoes are so comprehensive. Judging from Adidas' endorsement lineup, it has a very good guiding role for amateur players to buy the right sneaker series.


The first spokesperson of the Predator series is Pogba, with very distinctive characteristics. In addition, there are mid-range players such as Özil, Dele Alli, Rakitic, and Pianic.

The first spokespersons of the Nemeziz series are Messi and Firmino, but Messi has his own color matching Nemeziz boots. In addition to the endorsement star Lingard.

The head spokesperson of the X series is Jesus, in addition to Salah, Bell, Benzema, Marcelo, Hames, the technical characteristics of these players are also very clear.

The newly launched Copa series head spokesperson is Dybala, in addition to Tony Cross, these two players are Adidas selected spokespersons, but now there are many players in the professional arena to choose to wear this series.

Level division

The four series of Adidas football shoes have the same level of division, and they directly display the product level on the name with similar to "19+", "19.1", "19.2", "19.3", "19.4". The flagship level represents design capabilities, material advantages, and technological content. The most intuitive way to distinguish Adidas boots is that the shoes use a lace-free design. The flagship-level boots have the most comprehensive functional design, the highest technological content, and the most expensive price, but the actual combat performance is not necessarily the most prominent.

The high-end models generally retain the materials and technology used in the flagship class as much as possible, and only modify and adjust the actual combat shoes to meet the needs of players. In Adidas' football shoes products, the difference between flagship and high-end grades will be intuitively reflected in the shoelace system. However, due to the difference between the shoelace-free and shoelace upper structure, some related designs will also be adjusted, such as internal locking, covering of some areas of the upper, etc.

Starting from sub-high-end products, the materials and structural design of uppers will gradually be downgraded, such as kangaroo leather replaced by cowhide, Primeknit fabrics become ordinary fabrics. In addition, the materials on the details of the shoes will also reflect the downgrade of the grade. Of course, Adidas will also add some new ideas to the sub-high-end products. For example, the shoes that originally belonged to Copa 19.2 were replaced by Copa Gloro with a flipped tongue.

Mid-range products are generally considered to be a cost-effective choice, because its price and actual performance are more in line with the pursuit of ordinary amateur players. But on the matter, in general, the mid-end shoes' upper material, structural design, wearing foot feeling and other links are not different from the high-end models. It is difficult to experience the true design concept of this shoe. The exception is that Adidas provides the lace-free Predator 19.3 LL on the mid-range products of the Initiator Pack's Predator 19 series as an option, allowing actual players to experience a lace-up boot.

The existence of entry-level products is of little significance to EZer. It is aimed at the white equipment that has just participated in football. No matter from the appearance, upper structure, materials and actual performance, it can not meet the needs of EZer.

Outsole type

The last key factor in buying a pair of football boots is the outsole. The outsole configuration of Adidas football shoes products is more comprehensive, including SG outsole suitable for wet and soft natural grass football field, FG outsole suitable for dry natural grass football field, AG and TF outsole suitable for artificial fake grass football field And the IN outsole of indoor and flat courts. From the perspective of domestic Adidas football shoe sales and EZer demand, the three main choices are the three outsole types of FG, AG and TF.

The stud design of the FG outsole of Adidas football shoes is relatively "gentle". Previously, Adidas also launched the concept of FG/AG outsole, emphasizing the versatility of the stud. Therefore, on the domestic high-quality artificial grass courts, Adidas' FG outsole is not impossible to consider. In addition, it should be emphasized that FG outsoles generally have a high technical content, and they can best feel the function of a new sneaker.

The AG outsole used by Adidas in the four series of boots is the same, and there is no difference at all. The fine conical shoe spikes are very suitable for most artificial fake grass courts in China, so they are particularly popular. In the international market, Adidas flagship boots are not available without AG outsoles, and are only configured on high-end and mid-end boots. However, Adidas is particularly favored in the Chinese market, and the division will launch the AG version on its flagship products.

The TF outsole of Adidas football shoes is very characteristic, and it is also very popular in domestic amateur stadiums. The setting of TF outsole Adidas is placed on the flagship and mid-range boots, corresponding to the two different upper configurations of advanced and intermediate, while the design, materials and configuration of the outsole are also different, basically satisfied The different needs of amateur players are considered very carefully.

To buy a pair of Adidas football shoes, first review your needs, choose from a series of shoes, endorsement stars, boots, and different outsoles. After locking one, you can buy the shoes you want by comparing the prices!