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Ace16.1 Primeknit Adidas Soccer Cleats Evaluation

Posted by admin 15/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

Three bars of the 2016 offensive has been launched, and bear the brunt of the team, the new Ace16.1 Primeknit is undoubtedly an important member, especially if you have a soft spot for the shoes. So, this football shoes is the best football shoes in 2016 a strong competitor it?


Perhaps Ace16.1 Primeknit Adidas Soccer Cleats in the family is still a small generation, but the series since its inception in 2015, has become the Adidas football shoes in the most commendable one of the links. Today, Adidas launched a new braided upper, its goal remains the same, that is, let the football shoes have Primeknit fit and comfort at the same time, also provide the best touch. But now the most stunning lens is undoubtedly no lace of the PureControl, then Primeknit face with the brothers have no laces of the strong, is still enough to see it? Let's get ready for the shoelaces.


No matter which color you choose, the first thing that catches the eye is the huge middle of the foot of the three bars. Adidas in the PureControl did not design too much fancy details, but it's little brother but unwilling, from a hundred meters away can clearly see this pair of football shoes manufacturer's logo. Adidas offers two options, daylight lime upper with black and pink three bars, or more traditional black upper with lime and pink three bars. No matter which one, with the match can be described as complement each other, in the test also won our favorite. Although we worry about Adidas factory "lime" pigment is not enough, but since Nike has overwhelming volts yellow, Adidas naturally need their own iconic color to compete with.


In the help of the design to join the collar is also well received. Obviously today's football shoes market, shoe collar technology has occupied a place. But Nike's high-necked shoes look really too bloated, relatively speaking, Ace16.1 Primeknit in the design is a better compromise.


Shoes, the most important thing is to wear comfortable. Ace16.1 Primeknit in terms of comfort can be described as fully meet or even exceeded expectations. Unlike PureControl, Primeknit's construction does not make your feet tightly wrapped from the beginning of the shoe. It has a process of adaptation, but as long as you run through once or twice, you can feel the unique comfort of Primeknit.


In fact, this pair of Adidas ACE 16 1 Primeknit shoes shoelaces continue to cross through the tongue, and its tongue structure of the design is likely to be underestimated in recent years, one of the contributions of Adidas. In this middle of the foot of the footwear shoes in the middle of the inner layer, in fact, there is a layer of Primeknit material "socks", and the tongue and the "socks" structure connected to the overall effect of the whole pair of football shoes feel wrapped unit. Once the upper began to soften, the whole pair of shoes to show a personalized fit and compact sense, this feeling and its perfect touch is very fit.


As for the help of the shoe collar, almost can be ignored. The Adidas ACE 16 1 Primeknit shoe collar is much thinner than Nike's high neckline, so you can not even feel it's there. Because this is Adidas for the first time using such a shoe collar design, it touches on our interest in the future Adidas in this direction. As for the function, the collar and other Primeknit part of the convergence was very natural, there will not be too abrupt or in the main design is completed after the mechanic to join the collar feel.


This pair of Adidas ACE 16 1 Primeknit shoes outsole in the hard and elastic balance between, so it will not affect the comfort of wearing, but also provides a better response to the sensitivity. Ace series has always insisted that he is the Department of transmission of football shoes statement. The Ace16 series of propaganda around the control of the game and start, of course, the real control of the game or the players, but Ace16.1 Primeknit indeed for the midfield players to provide everything they need. The latest technology and high-quality manufacturing process.


Primeknit is able to do what you expect. Adidas on the latest Ace16.1 Primeknit football shoe production process has been adjusted, which makes the new shoes like X15 + Primeknit and Ace15 + Primeknit combination. The whole pair of shoes gives the feeling closer to the light soccer shoes, but also in the Primeknit material and Ace series unique filling sense (though, it is still light). We are sure that every time you touch the ball, it will Adidas this braided material football shoes progress is full of praise. Mentioned in the help of shoes collar, we think those who like to take the ball after the sharp turn of the people should like it, because it is neither too high and become cumbersome, but also allows football shoes foot feeling more fluent.