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Adidas ACE 15.1 TF Silver Metallic Solar Green Core Black

Posted by admin 12/04/2016 0 Comment(s)


Adidas Soccer Shoes Falcon has been the curtain call, set next to the new Ace, Ace, together with details of interpretation below. Football changes have occurred, the court need only two types of players: Guards either lore, or play everything burst. The Ace soccer shoes for the latter is born. Ace fabric consists of three layers, wherein the core material called Totalskin microfiber, not only soft and thin, and feel very good. Also on the upper concave pattern carved out of dense, on this basis, also joined the 3D stereoscopic friction floating point, and further enhance the foot control force. The fabric itself also has good water resistance and breathability. Of course, Adidas also "dermal control" prepared kangaroo leather fabric version. By the way, Ace and Falcon uses the same external bias style lace mouth, the inside of the foot to make a larger ball area.

Adidas Ace heel design is very elegant, not only the use of an external wrap cup, also adding additional upper foam cushion to provide support, let your ankle and heel to obtain a stable sense of the parcel. Another great feature is the FG / AG hybrid outsole forefoot added a lot of small pieces nails to enhance grip, compatible with natural grass and artificial turf pitch. F50, Falcon, Berserker, 11 Pro has bid farewell to the stage of history, replaced by a new revolution series, ACE, X, Macy's exclusive three series, Adidas made a thoroughly innovative, but from the new on shoes, we can still find some familiar elements, or a feeling.