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Adidas ACE15.1 Actual Evaluation

Posted by admin 05/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


Adidas F50, Falcon, Berserker, 11 Pro has bid farewell to the stage of history, replaced by a new revolution series, ACE, X, Macy's exclusive three series, Adidas made a thoroughly innovative, but from the new on shoes, we can still find some familiar elements, or a feeling.

Evaluation of the landlord personally today combat ACE 15.1 top version as FG / AG-compatible shoes a great originality, it carries a lot of people's expectations, it's all thanks to the NSG outsole, do not underestimate these large Great little gound / Ctrl spikes designed so that they are able to dominate the ACE real grass and artificial grass of a powerful guarantee. CTRL WEB 3D mesh structure can be said that the upper surface of the ingenuity, to create a new vamp in the heel designed CTRL / FIT ankle reinforcement, not only effectively protect the ankle, heel also strengthened the parcel, which it is better than the X series.

Shoes asymmetric surface mesh design, so that the ball of the foot feeling has improved, although it looks thicker than the surface material to X, but after a personal assessment, in fact, found that Adidas Soccer Cleats ACE is a better contact with the ball, the ball feel rotation, friction of a shoe, a mesh particle surface design is enhanced frictional resistance, and ball control. Today landlord test venue for natural grassland, regular pruning and maintenance of the site due to the rain last night, a little slippery, but it is already noon, the grass is good condition, but some areas of grass beneath the soil relatively soft, specially in the landlord meadow at the ball slightly ooze, acceleration, spikes or feel a sense of adhesions, but once in place the dried grass, we can say that horse riding Chebi, unfettered,
Adidas ACE small nail I was worried it non-slip grip and good enough, but after a stop acceleration, high-speed ball 90 degree angle turn change to a series of tests, no slipping phenomenon, very or quite satisfied .