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Adidas Ace17+Ace17 “Chequered Black”

Posted by admin 29/04/2017 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


In 2016 after the harvest, adidas did not stop, taking advantage of the occasion of the New Year released a new color "Chequered Black" check the series of Yao. And this series of "first card" is undoubtedly Adidas Ace 17 + PureControl.


All black shoes plus white logo, and then with the reflective grid gray pattern, adidas this time with a very low-key color luxury. Changed the membership of the Controlskin fabric shoes, as the Ace 17 + PureControl the biggest bright spot! The height of the fabric is increased and the protective property is enhanced. Uppers with integrated design, enhance the sense of comfort and comfort. Ace series logo is printed on the inside of the shoe body. Sprintframe lightweight large end of the order that has a master ball performance shoes full of shoes, and soles of the transparent hollow design, but also to enhance the grade of shoes a lot.


Ace17 + Purecontrol equipped with Boost technology, brought the Q bomb shock experience. "Master Control" also marked the words of the shoes on the pitch position. Followed by still printed with eye-catching Adidas Purecontrol Logo. In recent years, pure black and white color layer after another, but compared to pure black, plus reflective checkered and silver three bars, all of a sudden gave the dull black brought a lot of lively jump feeling. Playing the night when looking at this bright flash of the upper, and then look at the silver shook the three bars.