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Adidas Adizero 99g Prototype Solar Red White

Posted by admin 11/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


In 2013, Adidas made a point of no return things: they have made to the world to ensure that, within two years, will launch a weight of 100 grams or less of soccer shoes. Now, two years later, it proved Adidas did not waste their time, brought us the history of the lightest soccer shoes adizero 99g.



For Adidas top manufacturers, will alleviate soccer shoes to less than 100 grams is a difficult task. Adidas last playing weight at launch crazylight when their adizero series reached a staggering 135 grams, we had the feeling as if the weight loss in general.


The front of this adizero, actually only 99 grams! Adidas also know that they have created a remarkable thing, so Adidas Adizero 99g will be in the form of a limited edition collection for sale - the world's limited 299 pairs, but only two-thirds the size of the sale 42. One pair of light if a feather of football shoes, to have a normal performance combat it? This is also the R & D team faced a major problem. The answer to this question, Adidas NASA (NASA) found there. This seemingly ordinary cloth fabric, but it is from NASA. This unique piece of fabric to ensure that football shoes in any weather conditions remain plume was 99 grams. Listen to player feedback is an important part of the development of soccer shoes, Adidas internal skeletal structure design, it is this design provides a necessary support and protection. Therefore, adidas adizero 99g has emphasized soccer shoes, like any other combat performance. Now you can feel even more lightweight and fast than ever before. So the question is, after you cross the adizero 99g, will find other soccer shoes are not too heavy it? Adidas Soccer Shoes adizero 99 Ke broke the people for soccer shoes stereotype and imagination of the outer edge. If you want to wear the adizero 99g, then start must be fast.