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Adidas Copa Mundial Release Samba Series Limited Edition Boots

Posted by admin 21/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

adidas Copa Mundial Samba FG Blast Purple

Last year, the shock whirlwind white Adidas Copa Munial just settled, 31 years for the main color of the shoes were upgraded. But now, the German soccer giant color upgrade again to samba-inspired, re-launched five limited edition world's best selling boots.

Brazil World Cup is special. The integration of the Brazilian culture and freedom of dazzling color boots sixth crown in Brazil to fight, claiming that this summer will be an extraordinary summer. Re-interpretation of the definition of the most valuable boots, it is not a simple task, but if you do, it must be extraordinary, now, this extraordinary year so come. Five pairs of new boots color are: Solar Zest / Black (orange), Blue / White / Zest (blue), Purple / White / Berry (Violet), Berry / White / Slime (red) and Slime / Black / Zest (green), their direct inspiration from this country Brazil, samba dance under the sun. However, this classic Copa not forgotten or buried their classic logo, black or white lines, outsole iconic, and still preserved tongue. Sold worldwide ten million pairs, Copa Mundial is a classic any time, best-selling shoes at any time. Since 1982 sale Copa series, put it on the stars too numerous to mention, they include Franz - Beckenbauer, Michel - Michel Platini, Zico, Karl - Heinz - Rummenigge . Copa Mundial Football Boots are on top of the process considered, it is also Adi - Deisler, Adidas brand as the founder of a revolutionary product developed last. Legendary sports field, involved in the early development work in Copa Mundial 1982 years ago. Adidas Copa Mundial is no doubt that the series did not appear to be a radical change in the division and for the Copa series from start to finish will adhere to the black camp. But in the modern game, more colorful colorful Copa adapt today's market, especially in the World Cup. The new limited edition adidas Copa Mundial will be on sale at other sites including the PDS, what do you think of this new upgrade? Join us on Twitter and Facebook for communication.