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Adidas F50 Adizero Soccer Shoes Online

Posted by admin 10/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

Today adidas (Adidas) updated its range of football boots, which released the sixth generation Adizero F50, Falcon, Berserker, 11Pro also usher in a new color. By several distinctive players such as Suarez, Bell, J Lo and Karim Benzema endorsement, coupled with "be jealous of your cells do enough (There Will Be Haters)" official slogan, or "sunspots always some" ground gas translation (from Dili know the ball), whether you like them or hate them, the hearts have been ignited the flame, right? Positioning in its lightest fastest adizero F50, the long-awaited arrival of the sixth generation of the official. At first glance, the sun ornament on red background devil pattern, which is to pull much hatred? The iconic three bars move to the heel and tongue at the inner surface leaving only Logo, many pure understated designs than ever before.

Technology also has a number of improved shoe surface is provided with 3D Dribbletex floating point texture grip attached, scaly lines to provide high-speed dribbling when desired friction in wet or dry conditions. Outsole also new design, track and field spikes draws design inspiration, with a new outsole pattern and distribution of spikes, provides excellent grip. This is also the adizero f50 release since the biggest change. Across the upper scaly 3D Dribbletex friction lines enhanced control of the ball, with a newly designed outsole together to form a pair of the new F50 adizero soccer shoes.