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Adidas F50 Football Boots Limited Edition Release

Posted by admin 22/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


As part ThereWillBeHaters series, Adidas launched a redesigned fantasy limited edition adizero f50 boots: the new adizero f50 boots tattoos St. (Tattoo Pack).


Adizero F50 Football Boots tattoos St. (Tattoo Pack) is designed to convey the best players to have the creativity and self-expression. Distinctive pattern of left and right feet, and completely different, giving the "love" and "hate" the two themes of new vitality. In the right boots for the evil skull design features, emphasizing the strength, power and hatred, while the left Adidas Football Shoes is used bright colors and varying designs, including a rose, a symbol of football players love. If you being jealous, which is not yet on your compliment. The world's best players know outstanding performance often caused fans and opponents of "jealousy", especially in the social media, and this jealousy and then continue to inject the confidence of the players, bring even better performance. They are jealous and powerful, not because recruit people jealous heart apologies.


The new tattoo of St. boots have all the innovative technology of Adidas Football Boots so adizero f50 become a player will make the speed and handling to maximize the ultimate weapon. adizero f50 upper 3D dribbletex coating fully into account the needs of high-speed breaking ball, at the same time, new methods and new distribution of studs auxiliary nail flexibility allows players to play to the limit.