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Adidas Primeknit 2.0 FG Solar Yellow Purple Navy

Posted by admin 15/04/2016 0 Comment(s)


Today, Adidas officially released the second generation of revolutionary Primeknit Soccer Shoes! The new Adidas soccer shoes Primeknit2.0 2015 uses a new sock-like collar design.

As early as the February 27, 2014, the Adidas released the world's first knitting soccer shoes, soccer shoes Adidas Samba Primeknit. Primeknit 2014 is the first in the history of the entire upper with weaving technology soccer shoes, although it was released soon after, Nike launched using the same weaving techniques ghost cards Obra shoes.

Luis Suarez will be in Barcelona this week's game against Paris St Germain debut Primeknit2.0 Adidas soccer shoes. 18th of this month, we have seen the Barcelona striker wore Adidas soccer shoes Primeknit2.0 in training, also to be found in this new dress shoes, as well as Bayern Munich Bernat. The new Adidas soccer shoes with high Primeknit2.0 help of eye-catching green Techfit collar so that the ankle for a flexible support, this dynamic fit and Nike collar concept is similar. The summer of 2015, Adidas will launch the new Adidas soccer shoes X 2015-16, the shoe will also adopt similar Techfit collar, the collar although it will be lower.


d to fit seamlessly and special, while an ultra-thin coating is black synthetic material overlying knit uppers of shoes to increase durability and in wet weather ball effect. Knit upper with eye-catching pink and green yarn, although black synthetic material coating covers almost the entire upper. Adidas soccer shoes Primekint2.0 2015 main color is dark navy blue, while the trademark Adidas Performance of three bars and heel compared with silver. It Techfit collar and outsole is eye-catching sunlight green. New outsole Adidas soccer shoes and Primeknit2.0 outsole 2015 Adidas F50 Adizero same. Eye-catching green outsole at the heel only took three spikes, running shoes inspired by simultaneously adding two spikes provides a better grip. In the new shoe insole is printed with eye-catching green "primeknit" words. As the new Adidas 2015 "Limited Collection" series of soccer shoes, Adidas has released 99 g Adizero football shoes on April 13. At the same time they will reportedly release Primeknit FS (full socks) soccer shoes this month. The shoe is the first in the history of one of the shoes and socks combo tongue no soccer shoes, and the sale amount would be extremely rare. The summer of 2015, Adidas will stop producing its Adipure 11pro, F50 Adizero, Berserker and soccer shoes Falcon series, and will also launch three new series, namely Adidas Ace, Adidas Adidas X and West Meadow exclusive.