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Adidas X Football Boots For Sale

Posted by admin 03/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


Adidas X Series has introduced the latest color, a lot of players have been on foot, and of course individual customized versions. Speaking of this, we really like the player to customize the details, which shows a pair of shoes the players are very aware of the importance of their performance, talking about X custom, no one should be more extreme than the next.

Van Persie, always know their game, in our eyes, his memory is far more than his Fairy goals, as well as those in the past few seasons he custom shoes cattle X, especially those few pairs blacked ! Time at Manchester United, he was always wearing a pair of Predator adiPower outsole of shoes, most of the skin is blackened version uppers. If you do not wear black shoes, how he does not love to wear the latest color. This photo generals double version X15.1 leather soccer shoes, from the outsole to the vamp, to collar, not a place with a commercially available version of the same! Oh, no, shoelaces should be the same. This custom is not the sole first met, it is not unusual for EZer; leather upper looks very special, smooth and not Obscure grid within the commercial version of the outside, while Adidas X-cage like pattern printed up! Of course, there are the leather version of the shoes is not equipped with collar, on the same custom shoes Cuadrado Juventus players have seen. Into this, you can call this pair of shoes is the X series? Another favorite is the custom shoes Walcott up. Before and black / white color the same, this time Walcott did the same custom, but Walcott also another big bottom only, or not as good as a large range of General maverick