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Adidas X Tango 17 Purespeed TF Football Boots

Posted by admin 03/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

In the eyes of outsiders, skill-playing and improvising small-field football seem to be at least as slow as speed. In the eyes of a small football dog, if you can take a step faster than your opponent, you are likely to be the winner of the match between electro-optical flint. Adidas recently introduced the "Ocean Storm" (Tsunami) soccer shoe kit for the small players ready to let you speeding on the pitch with the new color X Tango 17+ Purespeed TF soccer shoes. This issue of "New Appreciation" brings you to enjoy the X Tango 17+ Purespeed TF "Ocean Storm" soccer shoe that has a luminous appearance.


As a small field boots, adidas X Tango 17 + Purespeed TF "Ocean Storm" has a symbolic power of the tsunami bright yellow fluorescent appearance, so you wear it will certainly become the most attractive venue that one. Streamlined shoe body design is more consistent with the positioning of its speed-type boots, looks like a rifle at any time to seize the opponent's life bullets. In addition to the upper dazzling enough, Adidas also in the X Tango 17 Purespeed TF outsole article done enough. Ink blue outsole to join the watercolor effect, looks full of personality.

Compared with the big field version, adidas X Tango 17 + Purespeed TF vamps more neat. The No-Lash Design Looks Greater Than the Purecut Sock System Lace Hiding System Used in the Grand Field Version, The Overall Wrap with Techfit Mid-Heel Shoulders Impressed with the Ace Tango 17+ Purecontrol TF. The collar lined with wavy anti-skid lines to reduce the sliding of your feet in the shoe, but did not follow the lining like the big field version of the polka dot non-slip lines feel a little puzzled. No lacing design more should heighten the lock? Perhaps the designer really think that the lining slippery lining enough to cope with the small game?

In addition to using no shoelace design, adidas X Tango 17+ Purespeed TF upper material used in a field version of the same type of Techfit compression Microfiber, whether it is feeling wearing or touch the ball with the big field versions are not. However, as a small version of the vamp did not join to enhance the all-weather vamp NSG technology performance. Although launched for small games, not all small venues are indoors. If you can join NSG technology, presumably will be more players are welcome.

Adidas's several small field TF boots outsole have their own characteristics. Equipped with Ace Tango 17+ Purecontrol TF BOOST cushioning technology and the hexagonal shoe spike outsole, the emphasis on the speed of the X Tango 17+ Purespeed TF using this TF outsole look thinner and more like The low Formula Racing site gives players a better sense of venue. The X Tango 17+ Purespeed TF hexagonal cleat has been modified in appearance to provide better grip and mobility than the Ace Tango 17+ Purecontrol TF hexagonal cleat.
In addition to the light-weight appearance of the outsole and more emphasis on speed performance of the spike, X Tango 17 Purespeed TF outsole also uses a hollow outsole design to reduce the weight of shoes, at the same time look compelling.

Brilliant colors with a streamlined appearance, this from the Adidas "Ocean Storm" soccer shoe kit X Tango 17+ Purespeed TF boots is the best tool for you to make everyone's eyes on the pitch. Of course, it is not without a cool appearance with a pair of lines, a piece of Techfit compression microfiber upper so that the feet feel fit and provide a good touch ball experience. No shortage of strapless design coupled with Techfit help the collar to have both feet at all times package experience. In addition, the sense of venue full of lightweight TF outsole coupled with excellent grip performance of the spikes, allowing you to race in the race track to the last laugh. Want to be a roar on the court Mr. X? Then you really need it to infuse you with this speedy power