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Adidas X series of levels Contrast

Posted by admin 22/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


The new Adidas X 2015 series Adidas soccer shoes brought a new design. Release X15.1 flagship model in the same time, Adidas also X15 Series brings other low-cost models, namely X15.2, X15.3 and X15.4.

Here, we have these four different levels of  Adidas X15 series shoes to make a simple comparison, as detailed comparison, please look forward to even - even the Chamber of Secrets masterpiece. Adidas also introduced three different leather version X series Adidas shoes, they are not within the scope of this article the comparison.

 Retail price $ 220 Adidas X15.1 Soccer Shoes series is the top model. Adidas X15.1 using a thin X-Skin synthetic upper and a vamp made NSG (Non Stop Grip- uninterrupted anti-skid) process. The new NSG technology special treatment on vamp, you can make shoes have better ball control in all weather performance (for Nike ACC Science and Technology). Meanwhile, Adidas sneakers are X15.1 midfoot with a new X-Cage technology to provide better stability.

Retail price $ 110 Adidas Soccer Shoes X15.2 X15 series is the second top model. eXoSkin it uses synthetic upper Adidas X15.1 slightly thicker than some, not as top so soft. But X15.2 soccer shoes are still equipped with Adidas Techfit collar, to provide more flexible ankle support.

Although there are many differences between X15.1 and X15.2, but both use the same outsole. The new Adidas Exoframe FG + AG hybrid outsole uses a triangle and two spikes spikes presence on the ground in order to provide greater flexibility and speed. Exoframe outsole is also used on the retail price of 70 dollars X15.3.

The new Adidas sneakers X15.3 X15 series of shoes in the end, it compared to the previous two uppers more rigid, but also no Techfit collar.