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Adidas released a new series of soccer shoes Messi

Posted by admin 26/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

As the finale of the new, the new Messi Messi Football Shoes after the X series and Advisor debut, Messi will wear boots this campaign this season's Champions League ultimate.

The new number of sports shoes Messi Messi with a metal as the primary colors blue, black and yellowish embellishment, highlighting the california king temperament, and Macy's exclusive logo appears externally of the heel and front foot center studs.

Configuration, top models Messi15. 1 utilizes a new ultra-soft microfiber fabric mesh with, along with dimples friction shoes are supplied in the rear of the support frame, and the outsole designed completely according to personal preferences Macy from the most front end and final round of the end of the spike respectively, to boost mobility turn change to other edges are sharp spikes, and enhance emergency stop start grip.