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Adidas soccer shoes Ace16 + Purecontrol officially released

Posted by admin 11/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

Even Even football equipment Reuters after the summer Adidas Ace15.1 to market soon, we had reported new Ace16.1 development process is nearing completion, and entered into a stage of kind of shoes testing. Now, a screenshot from Adidas spring and summer catalog is being circulated on the Internet. Is this about to launch early next year Adidas Ace16.1 it? In February 2016, but this figure seems to have marked the date of change in other official statement, release date. From the figure, new shoes uppers will simplify, in the impact zone will be in sunlight green. And on the side, it seems that the mesh pattern has been extended to the external heel TPU. As Ace16.1 soles, its design and Ace15.1 different. Two spikes have traces disappear, replaced by a more streamlined design. The Ace15.1 sole design seems to become Ace16.2 the standard. Ace16 + Purecontrol Adidas soccer shoes first double superior performance soccer shoes without laces, will speak as Ozil made, Rakitic and other creative control of the full force of the top players, that is, on January 23 next Saturday , the world's top track Ace16 + Purecontrol figure appears. Adidas is located in Paris, Marseille, London, Barcelona, ​​Manchester flagship store and some shops will specify cooperation limited edition this pair of shoes. Ozil will be selected to wear shoes Ace16 + Purecontrol football player, his shoes development process is particularly curious: "My whole career looking for ways to reduce the time and playing the ball laces impact on me, before I have tried over and over again and then they tie their shoes into the innermost, to reduce the impact on my ball, when last year they find sneakers with no laces me, I feel they have made I dream of boots, I can not wait to wear them to play. "from Sweden grassroots league to Adidas laboratory's most advanced robot, Ace16 + Purecontrol soccer shoes have undergone exaggerated test at all levels of conduct, it is absolutely reliable product .