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Best Christmas Gift Adidas Ace16 + PureControl Soccer Shoes

Posted by admin 18/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


In the early morning of the French opening of the European Cup, the French star Bogba wearing a pair of special customized version of the adidas Ace16 + Purecontrol debut at the French Stadium, the final 2 to 1 victory over the French team made a good start to Romania.


There is no doubt that the young French midfielder is the current European Cup, one of the most noteworthy star. To this end, Adidas for the "play shoes juvenile" prepared a pair of special boots. This pair of special customized version of adidas Ace16 + Purecontrol soccer shoes to Adidas in the European Cup before the opening of the mercury series boots in the Ace16 + Purecontrol to build. Bogba heel shoes appear nicknamed "Pogboom", and the shoes at the front and heel shoes at the mention of a blue flag with the elements of the French blue and red stripes.



This Adidas Ace16 + PureControl soccer shoes with the most advanced design of the starting color for the "solar green / impact powder / black." And other versions of the Ace16.1 starting color is different, the shoes did not use the Ace16 series of soccer shoes on the iconic gradient effect three bars, replaced by a pure black three bars design. Adidas Ace16 series in the ubiquitous impact of pink, in the absence of shoelaces Ace16 + PureControl football shoes are only dotted in the top of the shoe collar.


Adidas Ace16 + PureControl is not only one of the few non-shoelace design with one of the football shoes, is the first non-shoelaces and knitted upper combination of football shoes. In order to be able to fit a variety of foot-type footwear, not only the use of elastic shoes, but also in the middle of the foot three bar area added an additional structure to provide better stability.