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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR FG Galaxy Soccer Cleats Obsidian Silver

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"R9" then retreated into the shadows, Benni Nike football non-C Romo genus, Nike him enough attention, launched the "2016 Nike CR7" series shoes assassin. Since last year, "Galaxy spray" hot, starry theme became a symbol of the current level of the high-end fashion atmosphere, Nike also capitalize on the trend, the number of high-end products in the Galaxy were using the pattern as a brother of Nike football field, c Luo also have their own exclusive new soccer shoes assassins 9 generations. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR7 Galaxy. Chinese shoe fans affectionately change it "Star" (or Galaxy)


The latest Nike "Assassin" series is designed to highlight the boots of the world's greatest players - Cristiano Ronaldo maneuvering speed and visual impact. Decorated with stars pattern Cheap Nike Soccer  Shoes Mercurial IX CR7 Exclusive and 2013 series draws inspiration from the Portuguese star in a unique style. Nike Football category Abramovich Deco design director Dennis recalls: "We were watching a game, when Cristiano Ronaldo scored another brilliant free kick, commentator comes, 'he is really from the planet it ? 'after returning home, we began pondering his style of play, he is like a celestial exudes infinite energy, like a supernova in the universe. this is the source of our inspiration. "


"One of the most shining star Cristiano Ronaldo embodies the style, speed, and he did not limit performance, as the vast galaxy in general. Cristiano Ronaldo's performance on the pitch makes us feel so endless we follow this direction, committed to the use of color to create a surprising fashion very high-end boots, "Popovich said Deco. The Nike Mercurial IX CR7 war footwear body decorated with stars pattern digital printing, including a group of seven stars, patterns, VII shirts with Cristiano Ronaldo wearing complement each other. Star pattern printing and decorated with a silver edge spots and bright blue Nike logo chrome side by side columns.