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Buy Popular Top Adidas ACE Pureocontrol Football Boots

Posted by admin 02/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

2016 for the football world is a contest year, as the field of football shoes veteran manufacturers, Adidas Football Boots has just launched its control of soccer shoes Ace series of the latest generation of products. Today we will be four Ace16 the top-level products together, to look at them in the difference, for you to buy Ace16 series of top football shoes to make a reference.


Ace16 + Purecontrol, as the highest price is also the highest technology products, Ace16 + Purecontrol both appearance and performance can be called this series of carrying the flag for the make. As Adidas revolutionary lace-free football shoes, Ace16 + Pureocontrol the appearance of great science fiction color Adidas Football Boots Ace 16 Sprintframe nylon plating with plating not only has a lightweight body, while better visual effects.


Ace16 + Pureocontrol velvet with Primeknit knitted material, a great fit and can be firmly fixed in the shoes in the shoes, so that shoelaces is no longer a necessity.Adidas Football Boots Ace 16 with high-help design is Ace16 + Pureocontrol another Large features, the use of knitted material to help design a high-wrap ankle perfect to achieve the effect of one shoe

In addition to Primeknit knitted vamps and uppers, the Adidas also for the real leather were introduced Ace16's top leather vamp football shoes - Ace16.1 Leather. Ace16.1 Leather appearance and microfiber version of Ace16.1 no different. Outsole also uses a lightweight Sprintframe nylon outsole, transparent outsole with a mesh pattern visual effect is excellent. Ace16.1 Leather toe part with a soft kangaroo leather upper, bringing a more realistic sense of touch.