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Cheap 2017 Nike TiempoX Proximo Soccer Cleats Sale

Posted by admin 15/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Nike has been committed to build better shoes, not only in the design up and down enough effort, each new product will also be equipped with new technology, this is probably a lot of shoes fans crazy pursuit of Nike shoes one of the reasons it. Then take a look at the nike tiempox proximo tf this shoe details.

The nike tiempox proximo tf is made of kangaroo leather and super fiber. The kangaroo leather upper will bring a comfortable and realistic touch feeling. The inner skeleton design replaces the traditional upper suture, and the toe cap has a fur edging for durability. At the same time, it also prevents toe wear and thus reduces the risk of toe injuries.


Nike tiempox proximo tf soccer cleats most of the upper leather, the integrated tongue design to enhance the overall package, carrying the same lunarlon flagship model Lunarlon cushioning in the end, the actual combat function is also very strong cushioning, soles by Non -marking without trace rubber, and with dense hexagonal spikes, strong grip, and wear-resistant and non-slip. The outer sole of the toe is equipped with friction lines, which is more conducive to shooting and brings a comfortable foot feeling experience. In addition, the TF outsole is also suitable for artificial grass fields that are in poor condition, and the wearing experience is excellent. Last winter, Nike launched a small field soccer shoe set with dazzling color matching and luminous material. The outsole is made of luminous material. Even in the darkness, it glitters, increasing the safety of the night runners and making you a player on the field. The brightest star. This sneakers, whether you are in the actual combat but everyday wear, the foot experience is very good, it is worth starting.


 Another series of nike tiempox proximo se is also a good sneakers, nike tiempox proximo se is made of leather, the sole is rubber, soft and comfortable, Lunarlon midsole provides elasticity, cushioning and stability, heel part of the foam will also help buffer And lock, love football friends may choose this nike tiempox proximo se Oh!