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Cheap Nike Hypervenom Soccer Cleats Sale

Posted by admin 22/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Nike Hypervenom drug front, after the second-generation products to market has been a highly controversial topic and soccer shoes, although from his replacement some time, but there are already some foreign social media spy outflow, let us Take a look!

Regardless of rank or style, spy photos of this pair of shoes are currently unable to give a precise definition, especially when we already know that this year, Nike will be the second-generation drug front vamp make adjustments, next month, or wait a few months. Many fans speculated shoes This pair of shoes is the color of the America's Cup, but we do not agree, because the America's Cup Jiqiangkaida, the time is not suitable, the next America's Cup in 2019 and the hours are too long.

That would not be in 2016 a special color it? Like the recently released What the Mercurial? Outsole spy photos of shoes and do not add up! We have previously exposed poison Feng II will replace the new AG outsole, so FG outsole update is also imperative. Spy photos of the new generation Mercurial outsole outsole have similarities, so this is a new generation of drug front outsole?

If this is a whole new generation of drug-feng, then for two years, a new generation of Nike Soccer Cleats is really small change, such an approach is not "Nike", so this pair of shoes is not really poison the next generation front, had a big hit question mark!