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Cheap Puma evoSPEED 1.4 SL FG

Posted by admin 18/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Puma Soccer Shoes,


Puma 103 grams of evoSPEED 1.4 SL really enough to attract attention, but only 10 games spoiled life make it become very small.This lets many loyal powder blue sneakers puma speed type, although said that football shoes are consumables quick one thousand piece but a pair of football shoes, can only play 10 even insist on less than 10 games, it's really too extravagant, let many ououer call can't afford to consumption.

Regret to make up for the puma fans, puma, meanwhile we unveiled its new generation of speed of EvoSPEED 1.4 Football Boots From the perspective of the overall appearance of the shoes, a new generation of evoSPEED compared evoSPEED makes before the 1.4 and 1.4 is not changed too much, the whole shoe body lines and modelling is still continuation of the design style of evoSPEED 1.3.Used on the color of the magma is permeated with the fast and the furious red, the top of the shoe near the inner toe area has a huge white puma Logo.Relatively high instep, instep high ball friend of the Gospel.
Besides leather version 3.4, the other three pairs of shoes can be seen on the inside of the shoes as the design of the grid frame. The lateral structure of the basic keep a four pairs of shoes, puma Logo identification high white track occupied the lateral upper half area, also can see the shoes at the end of the white Logo rating to distinguish words.Let's look at the top, 1.4 adopted currently used Adap puma top football shoes Lite man-made fibers, wear-resisting, thin and soft characteristics.In addition to increase the shoes in the face of the control of the ball, the instep, also joined the GripTex 3 d texture.This Puma Football Boots SpeedFrame skeleton also played a part in the enhancement shoe friction role.
3.4 inside the shoe instep and lateral head on all areas covered by the full grain leather, in order to guarantee the shoes too stretched and finalize the design ability and prevent oxfords surface deformation occurs, vamp added a line design.
Two pairs of entry-level 4.4 on the vamp material similar to that of fellow thick texture synthesis.Vamp grid frame for embossing traces of material itself, actually is not like a top as SpeedFrame technology was used.Observe carefully we found that the AG/HG version of grid frame context than TF version to clear some, have stereo feeling more.
Shoes head become warped radians