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Cheap Sale Nike Elastico Superfly Football Boots

Posted by admin 28/10/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


Elastico in the past is Nike's small field soccer shoes FC247 series specializing in indoor wood flooring site branch, now inspired by the assassin Superfly, the combination of the two, into an unprecedented innovation of football, more importantly, it replaced The original main outdoor artificial grass site Bomba series, this is the origin of the Nike Elastico Superfly. The Elastico Finale III is the use of traditional low-necked collar design, which can not meet the help of the players in the collar to provide an alternative.


Integration of the tongue seems to be now a major feature of Nike, our editorial department expressed the same recognition, because we have enough of the tongue normalized deviation, and kick the ball every time to sit on the sidelines down shoes In the rubber particles of distress. Such a design to maximize the containment of such a situation. Both have very good flexibility of the tongue, so no matter the level of the crowd can experience the foot of the parcel to a sense of the same, but also to solve the problem of independent tongue tongue pressure feet, serve multiple purposes. Elastico Finale III "tongue" area thickness of 1.75 mm, Elastico Superfly was 2.27 mm, the thickness gap is negligible, because both of this part of the flexibility are great.

Two Nike Football Boots of the upper are hot-melt film covered fixed, from the figure can be seen that the coverage area is very different, Elastico Finale III of the first half of the larger area, followed by no hot-melt film; Elastico Superfly hot melt film covers only the upper part of the upper part. The former hot melt film is full of ventilation holes, the latter no hot film area is larger, on the breathability are considered in place, do not worry. In addition, Elastico Superfly side has a top shoe iconic "Brion" cable, which we commonly known as the "fly line", all of a sudden upgrade its appearance grade.