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Discount New Adidas Ace 16+ Soccer Shoes Green

Posted by admin 24/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


The weather is getting better, the game is not more and more? Then you choose the right small games of the new season shoes yet? This pair of Adidas's latest color Adidas Ace 16+TKRZ do? And the latest listing of Ace 16+ Adidas Soccer Shoes series to maintain a consistent color elements, new color TKRZ also show a spring atmosphere. Sky blue and fluorescent green throughout the uppers, it is very rosy; the entire shoe outsole composed of blue, but has seven spikes dotted by the green fluorescence; however the ball area on the upper secondary is still used in black, looked slightly violation and, if they can replace fluorescent green or blue is not it better? Technical level, the new color TKRZ previous exactly the same color, are tailored for the small field of players. New TKRZ CTRL / FRAME outsole able to fully control the small field venues outsole designed to fully meet the players stop street breakthrough, Jicha, it needs to change; the upper provides a more realistic sense of the ball, unique upper material will outsole wrap front, allowing players to pull the ball in the process of 360 degree control the ball, with a perfect locking tongue and package offers the most stability and comfort to the small field of players. Adidas Ace 16+ soccer shoes can provide you the comfortable foot feel with the professional design.