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Edge Catching The Nike Tiempo Legend V FG

Posted by admin 17/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend V FG Canvas Volt Black Football Boots


Season major brands vigorously to push all-white shoes, Nike series is one eye-catching edge. People sometimes think that white is the easiest color, we will post it as a result of superposition of colors have power. This is similar to a player's training, creativity and ball again superimposed, thereby paid off on the court, it seems easy, but in reality is not. The family Tiempo Legend since its inception in 1994, has experienced two decades succinct, Pirlo this midfield and Art Ramos, Pique and other top guard continued his glory.


This series of boots for the upcoming New Year and creation, is resolved to "cutting edge dazzling" player designed to help them capture every fighter in 2015. Brazil New Year's Eve celebrations in the vitality of the atmosphere and screen inspired Nike color experts design inspiration. But it seems that Nike designers have forgotten how difficult it is to clean white sneakers ah. Color contrast through swoosh logo on boots presented, like colorful fireworks New Year's Night. Toe high-quality kangaroo leather, while a diamond is used to ensure alignment of the cortex does not occur over extended loose change. ACC is also the science and technology in recent years, Nike Soccer Shoes top of standard technologies. Legend 5 shoes added Hypershild material. In fact, a windproof waterproof rain mesh fabric (you can see the shoe warehouse obviously have little honeycomb lattice), which features the famous and GORE-TEX technology similar to withstand harsh weather while keeping dry, with the most excellent protection. Only the body inside the shoe near the toe portion of kangaroo leather. Delicate kangaroo leather ball to bring the ideal sense, and under Hypershild cortex can play a good protection. Tiempo with their outstanding performance and the mentality of 20 years to tell people: not only belongs to the Falcon 2014, also belong to the same legend. Followed by the use of built-in protection TPU, doublet M-shaped structure, followed by the middle with the words Tiempo. Tongue as a single man-made fiber material, there is a central oval sponge sandwich, side vents with fine design. Tongue in black within the central region of PU material, intermediate sponge sandwich, have a positive instep cushion the impact force.


Compared to the previous generation of the Nike Tiempo Legend 5 Soccer Shoes no big adjustment, kangaroo leather configuration is also still a lot of people unable to stop him. Hypershild material join him better cope with complex climatic conditions, it can be said to retain the traditional legend of the essence in these 20 years of development and lessons of the modern high-tech achievements. Natural leather shoes in the Tiempo Legend 5 still fairly competitive