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NIKE MagistaX Proximo IC Ghost Brand

Posted by admin 27/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


Nike MagistaX Proximo in the upper design inherited Nike Magista Obra iconic Flyknit upper structure capable of providing for the sock-like feet for comfort and fit "barefoot-like" feel of the ball. Undoubtedly, Flyknit as Nike promotion of technology for many years, is currently on the market is the most mature and reliable knit material, weight loss can be effective in improving the wearing comfort on the basis of life is also greatly improved.

While with Nike Skin shoe technology, we can provide an effective setting for the uppers of shoes, to further enhance the parcel when worn. While covering the upper structure Flyknit Nike Skin structure showing a three-dimensional fabric texture, it can play a role similar to the friction strip, enhanced control of football players. Nike MagistaX Proximo still uses a tongue-free design, and also uses the same upper Flyknit fabric material, and dynamic fit collar extending into one. This material unity so that the whole pair of shoes also complete 360 ​​degree fit the foot.

In addition, dynamic fit collar can provide seamless and comfortable fit at the ankles and let the shoes become a natural extension of the body. At the same site characteristics for the small field, Nike on the toe part of the increase in the abrasion-resistant coating, the design is very take heart. The sole aspect, Nike running shoes own signs Lunar technology provides excellent wear cushioning function, whether it is football or pressure the road, this Lunar soles of feet can make a comfortable moment. While for small course designed by TF outsole and IC outsole, artificial grasslands are coping and flat course, you can let the players enjoy displaying in a small field play.