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New Sale Adidas ACE 16 Primeknit FG Soccer Cleats

Posted by admin 29/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


When all black or camouflage shoes, Ace16 + Purecontrol caused a lot of shoe fans technical analysis, now, we announced the Adidas Soccer Shoes all the technical details. Lacing system by three key footsteps locking replaced designed: first by TPU Cage iconic three stripes victory posed to the feet of the central locking; further fixed by the knit uppers and shoes inside the warehouse knit Techfit locking system to complete; uppers made of adidas Primeknit innovative production technology, combined with advanced solid elastic knit uppers ensure optimum wearing foot feeling the end result is satisfactory, feel like wearing gloves in general. At the same time, there is no impact and smooth uppers let the players play better when the force, but also more accurate.

Ozil will be selected to wear shoes Ace16 + Purecontrol football player, his shoes development process is particularly curious: "My whole career looking for ways to reduce the time and playing the ball laces impact on me, before I have tried over and over again and then they tie their shoes into the innermost, to reduce the impact on my ball, when last year they find sneakers with no laces me, I feel they have made I dream of boots, I can not wait to wear them to play. "from Sweden grassroots league to Adidas laboratory's most advanced robot, Ace16 + Purecontrol soccer shoes have undergone exaggerated test at all levels of conduct, it is absolutely reliable product . Adidas Soccer Sam Handy, vice president of product design represented: "adidas Ace16 + Purecontrol has become one of our most iconic new products we will be before each lacing system feet shoes have removed, finally got the absolute pure series. as well as its perfect form. this form is not just color value is high, more importantly for the players to create an unparalleled play area. " Meanwhile, Ace16 + Purecontrol soccer shoes heel shoes also expanded its space, while a new shoe outsole is designed to reduce the weight of the entire shoe.