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Nike CR7 Exclusive whole series Introduction

Posted by admin 30/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


Although the ultra-top-CR7 pocketed the people's attention, but obviously a mature product line requires more extensive campaigns to support him. Today we introduce to you briefly under various versions of CR7 exclusive shoes, we can according to their actual needs to choose. Exclusive new CR7 in the upper joined 3M reflective material, making the shoe body having stars like light, this design inspiration also comes from C Lo dazzling performance in the crucial game. Not everyone is able to consume expensive super top Superfly, it does not matter, in order to promote a brother, Nike under the feet of the original capital, Nike CR7 in addition to a full range of ultra-top, while top models Vapor, midrange models Veloce, primary and entry shall Victory level models (which is very rare Taobao shoes) Vortex. Good old saying, a penny stock, super top Nike brings together top science and technology, as well as Flykint, Flywire and carbon fiber chassis and other configurations. Is the pursuit of the ultimate speed experience preferred shoe fans. We all know that with the help of dynamic high collar after losing freshness, appeal began to decline, and help to bring off the difficult high wear so many professional players have a headache. This time top money Vapor is another good choice. 185 grams of weight and lightness single upper speed also makes a lot of crazy people like him. Most importantly, he should come cheaper than the top super! Mid Veloce configuration is also good, compared to the top-level fabrics will be slightly stiff, but overall the difference is not very big, and he had a very "friendly" prices.