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Nike CTR360 Maestri III FG Soccer Cleats Sonic Yellow black

Posted by admin 06/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


In fact, when the original CTR360 first generation products to market, I have proposed to the person in charge of the design team had some problems related to the CTR360 Why is there such a series, such as the positioning of this series of what is, whether the other will series impact. To know that for any user, if you've seen a "collection of many styles advantage" shoes, change is inevitable. And indeed such a situation occurs, such as Carlos Tevez to switch from tiempo, such as Gattuso from T90 switch.


From Nike's product line, the lack of a previous similar CTR360 does this more comprehensive or a moderate style, not a lot of features and distinctive player, or can not find a suitable target in the original classification has a new player select. A good example, we looked at Fabregas wear tiempo feel very ride, but looking at Iniesta through T90 will feel strange. Although the last four years of continuous Nike T90 emphasize the theme of accuracy rather than power, but before too long not to make it difficult to accumulate power and T90 equated. However, CTR360 appears, to some extent, for other series is indeed a threat. When you do not know which best suits your family, or other characteristics of the main series and you do not match all the time, CTR360 Basketball Shoes has become a good choice. CTR360 look through the court more and more people is a proof, but the market share is not greatly changed, the change is internal distribution ratio.


From the shoes itself, Nike CTR360 Soccer Shoes doing well, there are very few people caught selling point, the actual situation is satisfactory. But CTR360 II evolution becomes less clear at this point feels sincerity is not enough. You know Tom - Mingnai design of Nike soccer shoes have a very important trait is like the pursuit of greater ball area, then add to the MV series upper lid, and a pair of shoes was riding 10R have demonstrated his design ideas. From this perspective, this CTR360 doing is not good enough, or that change is not big enough. Now soccer shoe design available in the market bigger and strange, always in pursuit of a selling point for the shoes do not look, but fortunately CTR360 II at this point is pretty good grasp. Spike, this is a major change 2016 Nike Soccer Shoes CTR360 Maestri  II point, of course, here refers to the elite series, top models or ordinary copy of the previous bolt shape. But the elite series is a direct return to the knife-like design. Introduction to Design a reason to see a better grip, so according to this logic, is square before the spike in this area is not good enough. After all, if the players themselves choose different styles of spikes, it can be said it is a personal preference, but the official directly change, what it means is indeed a story. Of course, the story may be very simple, such as LBJ Series perennial with ZOOM, suddenly replaced AIRMAX reason is only because "a change of taste." Objectively speaking, the current elite series is really expensive, the price went straight to 3K. However, after replaced by full carbon sole reduce the degree of weight also worthy of recognition, this result is CTR360 such relatively more versatile shoes market, but the MV series estimate has been no small impact, it is a lot less of the original Advantage.