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Nike CTR360 soccer shoes Showing

Posted by admin 05/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


In "Possession" as the core design concept of the new series of Nike CTR360 football boots to wear boots this player bring extraordinary comfort, but also the interpretation of the Nike constantly looking for new technologies to meet the different needs of athletes concept. Released together along CTR360 Nike Football +, compared CTR360 users through the network to provide a platform for experience sharing top players, the coach brings training content, improve the level of interaction to promote a new model. As CTR360 endorsement star, CTR360 Fabregas attended the launch event in London.

It is worth mentioning that, Nike CTR360 Boots using a unique synthetic fabrics "Kanga-Lite", this fabric has a kangaroo leather like comfort and feel; this innovative fabric soft and ductile, with its production and a high-performance shoe can adapt to any game environment conditions. On the CTR360 publishing activities, Fabregas also the first time to share his feelings about the CTR360, "I've been in peacetime training began CTR360 try a few weeks, the overall feeling very comfortable shoes, regardless is any part of the shoes external, internal, etc. to pass, stop the ball, the ball, are great, the whole performance of the shoes are very consistent with my technical style features. When I tell them I want to have a pair of very good point shoes to help me perform better on the court, but also hope to lighter, shortly after they showed me a pair of new shoes, very comfortable, not long before completely adapted. " Nike designers have been working on the evolution of the needs of professional players, they are also true when designing CTR360 boots. CTR360 core design concept comes from "point" concept of deep understanding and insight, and drawing inspiration from the South American league obtained to effectively pass the ball, the ball and the ball is designed for frequent use during the game an important point on the upper ball, elegant and sophisticated design, so that players can get the best ball effect; the same time, the adjusted ball outsole can also greatly increase the player and the ball stopping ability. CTR360 boots in the development process to test all the problems you might encounter. Core Group consisting of a number of top players, and witnessed the evolution of the interpretation of the ball boots from idea to final production baked. Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas has been a design consultant boots leading figures, he helped create the Nike boots to meet the requirements of the players, so that they can through their superb ball control and ball technology to control the situation in the game. In addition to Fabregas, he served as design consultant as well as boots Javier Mascherano and Sergio Aguero, they identified with the professional look design, and product development and production process more perfect. For those who had given the players a sense of art, CTR360 is undoubtedly made for them decide a weapon.