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Nike FC247 Elastico Finale III TF Static Evaluation

Posted by admin 28/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

With a small field soccer shoes Nike released a new ultra-top-FC247 product Elastico Superfly, the top section of the Elastico Finale III also will debut. Unconsciously Elastico has been developed to the third generation, from the previous main indoor wood floor space turned into a "clean sweep" of artificial grass peaceful new products, and replaced the previous main artificial grass Bomba.
Elastico Finale III TF starting color choice of orange as the main color, plus a bump texture uppers, whether you like me has a "poison front" illusion? However, Elastico Finale III and poison front but very different.

Elastico Finale III TF's shoes quite compact, very mean speed-type shoes. More pointed toe, outer waist narrowed significantly, shoes, small mouth, with no tongue independent, wide-leg friends wearing head several times it would be more difficult, running time will be longer. Elastico Finale III TF did not use Flyknit knitted fabrics, but with the same poison front Nikeskin. Good touch Nikeskin have already been proven on the drug front, this is without doubt. Taking into account the small soccer field often used toe poke, so double toe position covering hot melt film, to enhance the strength of the fabric and the protection of the toes. Thickness of 1.97 mm is satisfactory. Shoes mouth and tongue are also connected as a whole, and the use of "shut up" design, the purpose is to increase the sense of the parcel ankle. Designed to be very good, but because the shoes small mouth, tightening was more powerful, it becomes more troublesome when wearing shoes. Thickness measurement welt although only 4.43 mm, the data point and thin, but because of the elastic material plus cuff design, and even as a tongue portion of one of the packages also bear a certain effect, so do not reduce the overall package of . Shoes rim dual crossover alignment to ensure its durability.