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Nike GS II ACC All-Weather Boots

Posted by admin 26/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

"With a minimum impact on the Earth on the court in exchange for the greatest destructive force!" This Nike GS2 is the lightest, most environmentally friendly pair of football boots. These shoes are made from recycled materials, use ACC materials technology and ergonomic soles constructed so that the shoes on the court both strength and flexibility characteristics. Although the return of the Nike GS series is a limited edition, but the endorsement by the new line-up to show a different experience.

Nike GS2 Nike launched the second generation of Nike GS series boots. This is positioned as all-weather boots Control (ACC) boots, can enhance the ability of the ball in wet and dry conditions. The GS2 by Theo Walcott (Theo Walcott), Eden Azar (Eden Hazard), Raheem Sterling (Raheem Sterling) and other well-known star endorsement. The new boots are classic black and white colors, contrast is the exterior of the shoe ACC logo, only in some of the most iconic Nike Soccer Shoes will be used to identify similar. The GS2 boots made from renewable materials, reducing the impact on the global environment, but did not affect the performance of explosive players on the pitch. Nike Boots for each component is optimized to reduce weight and reduce waste, these shoes 160 grams of weight to become Nike's lightest boots ever. These shoes are conceived and designed in Italy, these shoes throughout the design embodies the concept of renewable raw materials, and even its spikes are made of renewable raw materials production. In addition, the main component of the sole body mechanics structure is castor bean extract material, which can ensure the strength and flexibility on the court, the liner inside the shoe is absolutely a castor bean extract material. Laces, lining and Benn are at least 70% from renewable materials. Soles of Nike GS2 combines high-performance chassis, powerful and agile response characteristics in one. The only floor is from renewable Pebax® Rnew (with 97% of the castor bean plant-derived material) and 50% TPU, TPU is also a renewable material. Ultimately, this sole material than conventional soles much as 15% lighter.

Traction Edition includes an abstract diamond skeleton outline, which provides ideal flexibility and quick response. Meanwhile, Spike arrangement allows players to stop smoothly shift thus ensures rapid response on the court and be able to maintain a steady pace. A solvent Africa synthetic resin used to reinforce the upper strip region, whereby the wearer can get exceptional feel and control. This synthetic resin also can be locked on the upper arch of the foot and bone. The adhesive material applied to the process of making some special process whereby the best feel of any venue in any case. In addition, the need to explain some, ACC is a material upper material specially treated during production generated. Chemical and non-toxic thin insole 100% synthetic material extracted from the castor bean material, so as to remove any excess can be part of the leg as far as possible to improve the comfort and feel of the ball. Asymmetric heel and soles of the foot inside the shoe fixed to provide stability and support, it is worth to mention that this process comes from Pebax® Rnew (with 97% of the castor bean plant-derived material), which is a extracted from the castor bean oil coming out.