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Nike Hypervenom poison Feng II soccer shoes top models

Posted by admin 12/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Along with the official debut of Nike's top ultra-drug front section II Phantom II, the top section of the Phinish also listed. First to note is that, Phantom belongs to the top models in the generation drug front, in the second generation to upgrade to super top models, while Phinish is a new top-name models. Feng II poison the whole are graded respectively Phantom II, Phinish, Phatal II, Phelon II and Phade. "Phinish" quite mind the name, taken from the "Finish" homonym, meaning lore, the ultimate blow to highlight poison designed for front lock on attacking players and set attributes. First wolf gray + bright orange color with texture and yet with a kind of show strength, fully fit Nike 2015 fall newest "Silver Storm" theme. Sawtooth-shaped pieces plus the "beast's belly" body color pattern from venomous animals, reflecting the deadly Nike Hypervenom ferocious character. The Nike Hypervenom Phinish also continues the Nike soccer shoes top models do not use shoes collar tradition, it is Rooney's favorite. Feng II poison top uppers basic configuration and generation are similar from the inside of Microfiber Nikeskin + + in the middle of a hot-melt film from the surface of the accord, but Nike Hypervenom additional acquisition of fixed fly line. Neri Microfiber nothing special, the main role of fixed shoes. The Nikeskin the improvement is very large, the conventional three-dimensional honeycomb texture gone, replaced by a preparation of very dense and even mistaken for a microfiber fabric. You may wish to have contact with the physical, pressing with a finger when there will be "creak" sound, you will understand that this is the fabric. Designers also thought quite a lot in the surface of the embossing lines cross, and its role is to raise the upper friction, then there is conducive to the feet of curved and enhance flexibility. Soccer shoes fabric material is inseparable from the hot melt film, first, to enhance the strength of the fabric, the second is waterproof. Nike Hypervenom hot melt film than the previous several shoes to be thick, and designed astringent sense of very strong matte texture. Fly line also appears in Nike Hypervenom body, and several previously shoes have thick, to three-dimensional, but some more sparsely arranged. Fly line is to enhance the role of sense of the parcel, the upper support, and in front of the second-generation drugs who also played a certain role to enhance friction. According to their arrangement will bulge when the soles of the feet and the bent portion is provided, reducing the feeling of force due to deformation of the feet and loss. In summary, Nike Hypervenom upper design to us sends a strong signal - the pursuit of more power outbreak, either start or goal. AG nylon composite TPU outsole This has been widely used in the Nike soccer shoes, wear-resistant, shock, strong rebound, etc., are not discussed here. Appearance, did not join the top section at the bottom of the "beast's belly" pattern, not all spikes also transparent, the middle part is translucent. Before after spike length were 0.75 cm, 1.1 cm and 1.2 cm, and the spike outsole hardness was 90A and 100A, the data are quite appropriate.