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Nike Magista Obra Evaluation

Posted by admin 19/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Nike Magista Obra FG Poison Green Total Orange Black



Ghost brand name for this, I believe we are not unfamiliar, the NIKE launched magista obra Ag version, so I am very happy. Sea Amoy had intended, however, NIKE official website frame, two days to go. The new Magista Obra Nike Soccer Shoes use Nike Flyknit fly weaving technology, this is the first time that Nike use of technology in Football Shoes. Many official introduction will not say more. Here's what my real feeling.

Get the first feel of the shoe is very light. Sock suited began to feel a bit, but then put on the ankle where very insecure, very elastic sock. There is possible to prevent foreign matter into the Magista Obra Shoes, especially for players Exalted grass, plastic to prevent particles from entering the shoe. No tongue design makes me focus on the game, not for the past tongue deviation and crazy. But when the first foot wear very difficult to dig into. After feeling very fit to wear into the foot, very uncomfortable. Package is very good. But the foot is wide, relatively fat friends to pay attention. After playing the game, outside the instep of my two muscles are wrapped so tightly that the blood does not flow, now I feel sore. However, the second game seems to be gradually adapted. But still want to think twice before making a decision. Magista Obra Shoes type or slant narrow.

Secondly, after the talk heel support bar, personally feel that seems a little wear heels, even though you say yardage is very positive, but I think the shoe was too small a point, it is recommended that you buy a half size. You may think that knitted fabric is very soft. In fact, I think not, in fact, did not we imagine so soft. But a lot softer than ordinary shoes, but more flexible than the bag, quickly returned after pressing the prototype, is a relatively modest fabric. Knitted fabrics may ask how to force. I think it, if you insist an answer, then the force is so little difference, after all, it is a transfer-controlled soccer shoes. In the actual process, these subtle things, you almost imperceptible. It also worries about how waterproof knitted fabrics samples. In fact, you need not worry. When I wash the shoes are washed with a toothbrush + toothpaste. Washing directly on the tap to wash away toothpaste, which is one one very dry and not wet. NIKE's ACC very real. Finally, summarize it: Advantages: Shoes overall feeling is very attached to the feet, very comfortable. The presence of sock, a game down significantly sore ankle will reduce a lot, waterproof performance.