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Nike Magista Obra II new color impressions

Posted by admin 25/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


New generation of ghost card Magista Obra II football shoes has disclosed a match colors again, let's take a look at.Through the photos before, people have learned that a new generation of ghost card in the vamp area will key the ball design raised dots of different size, to create a better feeling, passing, finishing, and the ball at the same time these areas will use different colors to distinguish, this is a new generation of ghost brand shoe can cause such a strange appearance.A new generation of ghost card before the outsole design is done for everybody introduction, the shoe nail shape and distribution of new design CTR360 reminds us of the ghost card former football shoes.At the same time, a wild card generation sexy followed by parcel cup has been cancelled.From the upper to the sole, Nike in Magista Obra II products made great adjustments.