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Nike Magista Proximo X Soccer Cleats

Posted by admin 28/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,


MagistaX and Magista Obra as are used in shoes collar design, this design last year when Magista Obra Listed by everyone suspected, but today more and more real friends after a year, said sock design is quite reasonable Significant. Very good package for the real action in a variety of more than a good supplement, especially small games Sharp emergency stop high-intensity, the shoes will receive good shoes and feet of people connected to the case is not twisted foot and there will be a good reinforcement. After paragraph leather uppers version MagistaX design 3M reflective coating, but in actual combat, it is barely noticed. Lunarlon slow epicenter bottom I am very satisfied, although it seems a little awkward looking thick, but actual combat feel out of it soft and comfortable cushioning effect is very good, but also feel it is a little thick and clumsy. This is a major selling point MagistaX, I can tell you is responsible, Lunarlon slow epicenter bottom the actual effect is very good, I can say is by far the most satisfactory one TF in the end. Flyknit fabric uppers are already familiar to us outside knitted fabric is coated with hot melt film, Toe increase in a circle matte coating to prevent open plastic shoes and wear, but a friend said that this reaction MagistaX uppers have torn Happening. At least a small part I have not experienced. MagistaX whole Flyknit fabric uppers and Magista Obra no difference, no tongue design makes me the most satisfaction. Without tongue deviation problem, there is no foreign matter into the shoe cavity problem, for Virgo is simply the most comfortable thing. Followed by grinding foot when it comes to the same question earlier, Xiao Bian did not think a good solution, this foot wear and foot wear Superfly's different, is followed by the upper end of the income was a result of too much wear foot, however, he played a few field no blisters phenomenon. We begin with the toe, Lunarlon cushioning his head wrapped in a large soled shoes, the design is very important for a small football field, because of the small game is no way to make a large leg swing movement, so the toe poke frequency is very high, so large on the bottom of the package design for the toe poke helpful. The MagistaX of TF outsole spikes design very satisfying. First dense spikes, which is most common design TF spikes. The length and the hardness of the spikes as satisfactory, the acceleration pedal stop to change is to force. And this has been widely used Nike Football X outsole above TF outsole of the entire system. This shoe to play in terms of passing the natural advantages of leather material, soft and comfortable shoe no matter what position you pass, can be very good according to your intention to send the ball, and this feeling wherever let me confident in actual combat. Natural leather is the most suitable ball possession upper material, while the body of the shoe closer to eighty percent are fairly high degree of tanning leather covered a full range of control has given me very good confidence, the same paragraph with orange Lunarlon slow epicenter in the actual bottom is really very comfortable, which is the biggest highlight of this shoe. Leather version MagistaX misses aspects of performance as orange Flyknit version so well, partly because the leather uppers version thicker than Flyknit version, affecting the upper force. On the other hand is a version of the leather uppers friction coefficient is better Flyknit edition so astringent sense of obvious, so the whole, on a shot for leather version feels more like a legend, as Flyknit version so well.