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Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Soccer Cleats Sale

Posted by admin 13/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


In the new Nike "Spark Brilliance" kit, there is a tough name was overlooked, which is able to evolve into a 11th generation of the popular boots --Nike Mercurial Vapor XI soccer shoes.

Although Nike's publicity efforts are concentrated in the new Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly V on, but nobody never Mercurial Vapor, Superfly V course not all of the world, many players will choose Vapor XI soccer shoes. Of course, equipped with collar that section represents the flagship of the entire series, but if you want to talk about familiarity and lightweight performance, the introduction of Mercurial Vapor XI remains essential.

Previous generation soccer shoes Mercurial Vapor X with its superior performance occupy a high position in the series assassin, so minor adjustments to the tenth generation of products instead of sweeping reforms difficult to understand. Monolithic thin Teijin Microfiber upper ACC preserved, but also added a new Speed ​​Ribs upper lines to increase the speed of the ball in the ball control and foot locks.

External package cup is still a familiar accessory, but the biggest change from sole shoes. Mercurial Superfly V and using the same outsole means ergonomic curvature toe grip and design, and highly effective deceleration function no absence. Everything constitute a new generation assassin excellent aesthetics. Do not forget, it will also bring you people screaming speed!