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Nike Nei Maer exclusive assassin super football shoes appreciation

Posted by admin 12/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Brazilian King Nemal return to the assassin camp for some time, whether it is the game or off-site performance, Nei Maer will be the best choice after C Lo. As the next new king of Nike football, Nei Maer certainly endorsement of Nike's hottest assassin football shoes, since it is the new king, not a pair of their own signature signature assassin boots certainly can not be justified. Nike is also well versed in this, so the introduction of the "Written in the Stars" (written stars) as the theme of the new exclusive Nei Maer assassin Nike football shoes.

Although C Luo is still the current king of Nike's ace, but the 30 + C Luo is difficult to continue in the future staged heroic heroic performance, after all, in front of anything, time is unstoppable. As before the big Luo will be the assassin's hand to the fledgling C Luo, now Nei Maer also began to take the assassin's banner, the launch of this exclusive signature boots is Nike righteousness to become an assassin king out of the new first step.


Within the less first double assassin signature football shoes is also a full range of sale, this time we get a super-top series, but Neumer himself prefer to help Vapor XI version. Sneakers prototype so we are very familiar with the Superfly VI build, but feel it toe to be more flat and tall.

As mentioned above, the theme of this signature shoe is "Written in the Stars" (written into the stars), using a very "realistic" design style, the blue upper record of Nei Maer so far to obtain Some of the great moments of great achievement. And these key points in time is the South cross constellation pattern, which also echoed the subject of writing stars.

Nemal as the current five-star Brazil leader and the field of the core, Mercurial Superfly V NJR FG upper also joined the five-star elements (although the five champions and his nothing relationship). These dense black particles on the front of the upper form the outline of the maps of Brazil and Barcelona.


Compared with the ordinary commercial version, Nemal exclusive upper to be relatively rough, feels a matte texture. From this point of view can more clearly reflect the pair of exclusive shoes upturned toe, has more than the ordinary version of the market, so shoes are also very picky feet. The upper was joined by Nemal's family element, which included 11.03.96 (which was the birth date of his sister Rafaella, Nemal and Sister had very deep friendship) and 24.08.11 (his son David Lucca's Birthday), Nei Maer's own birthday (02.05.92) also appeared in the upper, the above even appeared when he ran the highest speed of 34.7 km / h. Nike from Nemal many national team highlights the performance of the selection of the most representative moment written on the shoes, his goal in the national team was in the August 10, 2010 against the US team into the game, Nemal was only 18 years old. The upper also recorded the Nemal club during the more important goals, such as the September 24, 2013 Barcelona 4: 1 victory over the royal society he entered Barcelona's sub-ball, and October 26, 2013 against Real Madrid The first goal, and in his 2015 against Juventus Champions League final into the key goals. Carefully observe you will find that the trail on the upper trajectory is built on the timeline of these goals.

Finally, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V NJR FG uppies also recorded some of the important goals for Nei Maer, such as the 20-year-old birthday just into the first 100 career goals, August 11, 2015 against Billy Yarella Rainbow picks the ball after passing the goal.


Nike Mercurial Superfly V NJR FG heel or standard high help assassin shape, Mercurial words are also retained. Followed by the middle of Neymar words, that he Neumer exclusive identity. This pair of Nei Maer exclusive assassin out of the end of the commercial version of the big end, according to Nike's argument and the previous generation compared to this new single-bottomed than the end of the carbon fiber 40% lighter, but many people But only recognized carbon bottom. In order to create Mercurial football shoes more excellent braking function, Nike, including wedge nails, V-shaped nails with a variety of different grip mode of the spike was tested. Finally, we have now see the spike combination, this spike in the appropriate site with a very strong performance, but we recommend that the spike is best in the top human grass or natural grassland to use. The new floor can also be seen and the foot of the natural contour fit, excluding the past between the foot and the gap between shoes. This soles make the foot feel fit and comfortable, so that it is no longer affected by the shoes but with the synchronized movement. Nei Maer exclusive insoles covered with a layer of bright yellow thin fabric, forefoot did not see the anti-skid lines, heel can see Nei Maer's name, the overall style of partial simplicity. The length of the insole is 27.1cm (JP275), the forefoot is the widest point of 8.6cm. According to the measurement result and the actual wearing experience, the size is about half the code. Insole material selection of the current Nike high-end shoes in the common Ortholite material, the benefits of this material is in a good sense of foot while the permeability is very good. The back of the insole can see a lot of fine lines, can play a certain slip effect.