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Nike Premier- Surprise Beyond Expectations

Posted by admin 20/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Nike Premier FG Soccer Cleats Limited Edition



Almost a month ago, premier just in time to the major sites on sale on concern it. Before retro sneakers has not been much interest, Copa like and I never relationship. But looking at all aspects of sales and high evaluation Nike Premier Cleats hot, they start with one pair to find out. Surprisingly, just listed two weeks, several websites on the broken code. Find three websites to find my US8.5 code. Usually wear JP260, US8, but this pair of shoes too small, perfect 8.5 size.


Simple toe alignment and soft kangaroo leather ensures every ball precision. Kangaroo leather uppers feel very good, not thin not thick, foot feeling clear. It is by far my most satisfying kangaroo leather, and transfer of personal feeling than 4 good. The white part of the tongue and down to join a thickness of about 4 mm sponge instep to provide a little more protection. Bottom toe to join several small convex curved sheet nail, and pass 4 small toe nails have the same purpose. Although FG, but not high forefoot spikes shorter than 4 pass forefoot nail about 3mm. Followed by the nail, then visual touches and pass 4 is not much difference. Sole hardness, to give people a good kicking back. Both sides of the eye-catching white nike swoosh bypass heel connected retro elegance. As Nike Premier Cleats copa Last Stand against heavyweight products how to leave the orange elements nike brand logo? Lower the tongue and insole are orange. Nike Premier Cleats insole hairy texture and some small non-slip texture results were pretty good. Followed by a circle inside it is flannel, and will not have to worry about foot wear. The overall width of the Nike Premier Cleats Soccer Shoe is very good, I feel there will be no pressure on the foot width. All in all, a war retro shoes although copa already ruled most of the market, but rising star premier absolute power can not be underestimated. Nike Soccer Premier had to say in recent years is the first time I was pleasantly surprised, carefully designed, solid materials, low prices (99 knives, 80 knives plus discount can hand), by a change in recent years, nike bright color misappropriating wind. Simple and plain, plus the weight of the body of the shoe, Premier is the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, worth having.