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Nike launched a new 2016 Mercurial Superfly football shoes

Posted by admin 19/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

The new Mercurial Superfly football shoes uphold the "speed" of the core idea. Each of its constituent parts is designed to realize the full speed athletes.

Mercurial Superfly Football Shoes to create more excellent braking function, Nike includes a wedge on a variety of nail, including the nail humanoid with different grip mode spikes were tested. This is the first time Nike Soccer virtual test of finite element analysis (Finite Element Analisis) technique, this test is a test which the sole most suitable speed-type player provides scientific data to support. Test data obtained conclusions further examination by top Nike athletes on the field, so as to ensure its accuracy. "Based on data designed soles when accelerating like claws general," Lee said, "but the soles need to be able to quickly brake booster is the same as the spike shape a new generation of Mercurial Superfly football shoes, but were moving in different directions. they help brake or perpendicular to the heel, or at an angle to the front foot to provide impetus. in the past we have been blank forefoot portion increased grip design, which will bring the athletes significantly different experience. "

Football game speed and style also affect the Nike Flyknit upper design, one committed at high speeds to increase interaction between the ball and the shoes. Nike first introduced based on the data to create the layout of knitting, create a Flyknit 'speed cable' ( 'speed rib') 3D weaving. Raised vamp increases the coefficient of friction between the shoe and soccer. "In the past the entire upper Mercurial Superfly football shoe is exactly the same," Lee said. "This time, we analyzed the speed-type players in the rapid run side how the ball with their feet, and then transferred to a Mercurial Superfly football instep middle position to shoot, and thereby adjust the thickness of the different parts of the cable. "

"The new generation is the Mercurial Superfly football shoes series shoes glorious history of another important breakthrough," Lee concludes, "it is more solid than the previous series with lighter shoes, relying on advanced technology and commitment to the foot synergy, create a great speed in all conditions. "