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Professinal Fashion cool design Adidas Predator 18.4

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It's been almost two weeks since Adidas released the Predator 18 series boots. I believe that many EZers are also considering starting with a pair of Predator 18 boots to re-experience the skill of the Raptor. However, in front of all levels of Predator 18 boots, which one is to meet their budget and actual requirements? Today Xiao Bian took you EZer to fully understand the configuration and characteristics of the Predator 18 series of boots, so that you know when you buy Predator 18 boots.
Adidas Predator 18+
Detailed configuration:
As a flagship product of the Predator 18 series, the configuration of the Predator 18+ is naturally the best. The uppers made of Primeknit knitted material and SOCKFIT COLLAR socks give you a feeling of natural fit, and it is also the first Predator boots without shoelaces. The three-dimensional hot-pressure friction texture on the upper makes this boot able to kick a wonderful arc and incorporates CONTROLSKIN's all-weather attributes on the upper. The FORGED KNIT knitted structure added at the arch has effectively enhanced the support performance of the upper, and the three-dimensional rubbing lines at the arch have further enhanced the control performance of the upper.
The CONTROLFRAME outsole made of double density material is lightweight and has a good stability. The newly designed integrated nails and knife nails of the studs are satisfactory both in maneuverability and grip. It also added BOOST cushioning technology to enhance wearing comfort.
The flagship Predator 18+ boots are available in large FG and small TF versions in China and are priced at RMB 2018 and RMB 1299 respectively.

Compared to the high price of the flagship model, the Predator 18.1 boots that target high-end models retain almost all of the flagship models. The uppers made of Primeknit knitted materials and SOCKFIT COLLAR socks, the three-dimensional hot-pressure friction texture and CONTROLSKIN uppers technology, and the FORGED KNIT knitting structure with improved supporting performance are all the same as the flagship model, except that the more traditional shoes with laces are used. design. Of course, if you remove the shoelace, actually Predator 18.1 can also be used as a no-lace style.
The CONTROLFRAME out-of-the-race combat performance, which is the same as the flagship model, is the same. Although the BOOST cushioning technology was not added, the wearing comfort is still good.
The high-end Predator 18.1 boots are available in the country with the FG version of the big field and the TR version of the lifestyle, priced at 1599 yuan and 1099 yuan respectively. Among them, Predator Tango 18.1 TR, which is a lifestyle item, uses full-bodied BOOST cushioning technology and is ideal for everyday wear.

The biggest highlight of this Predator 18 is that the secondary high-end Predator 18.2 is finally on sale in the country. At present, only one version of FG is available for purchase.
Predator 18.2 uses a Primemesh fabric upper with an overlay on the upper to provide a comfortable wear and touch experience on both feet, and incorporates CONTROLSKIN technology on the upper for all-weather performance on the upper. The three-dimensional hot-press friction texture design is also used on the shoe upper to make you have better actual combat performance. The integrated tongue and sock-type shoe collar made of elastic fabric also bring you a full sense of wrapping.
The outsole did not use the CONTROLFRAME outsole used on flagship models and high-end models, but retained the style and arrangement of the studs to give this second-generation boots a good combat performance. The configuration has been reduced, but the actual combat performance is still outstanding. Taking into account the pricing of 899 yuan, it is obvious that the Predator 18.2 FG that targets the secondary high-end products will be more favored by actual combat players.

The Predator 18.3 boots positioning the mid-end models are clearly the main force of the Predator 18 series. Not only positioning the price of 699 yuan makes it more popular with actual combatants, but FG, AG, TF and TR from the big field to the small field to the street make you have more choices.
The upper is made of Primemesh fabric with a good feeling of wearing and touching the ball, and the three-dimensional friction lines are retained on the upper. However, compared with the previous models, the three-dimensional friction lines are not prominent, and also There is no CONTROLSKNI technology that gives all-weather performance to the upper. The integrated tongue and sock made of fabric does not completely connect with the upper, but forms an inner boot structure. The overall package feels less than the previous ones.
The FG outsole version uses the same design as the Predator 18.2, while the AG version continues the design of the previous Ace series, which is more suitable for domestic grassland use. It is worth noting that the Predator Tango 18.3 TF/TR midsole, which is suitable for small fields and for daily wear, uses Eva instead of BOOST cushioning technology.
Although the configuration of the Predator 18.3 in the mid-range has a significant decrease from the second-highest style, it still has good combat performance. From a cost-effective perspective, Predator 18.3 is clearly the first choice for most people.

Finally, look at Predator 18.4, the entry level product for the Predator 18 series. This boots in the country is only a small field TF and street section TR on sale, priced at 429 yuan and 499 yuan.
As an entry-level product, Predator 18.4 is the only one in the Predator 18 series that uses a low profile design. The small-field TF version of the upper is made of man-made microfiber materials. Although it has a hot-press friction texture, its role in actual combat is really negligible. The outsole is also an ordinary rubber outsole, with a dense and short spike, which can still play a role in the unsatisfactory artificial grass field.
The street version of the TR version of the upper is made of fabric and still has good wearing comfort. And the big bottom uses the Cloudfoam foam outsole that is widely used in adidas neo footwear products, and there is still a certain guarantee of wearing comfort.