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professional Nike tiempo legend v Boots

Posted by admin 23/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,

Nike Tiempo as NIKE owns more than 20 years of history of soccer shoes, has been relying on its excellent kangaroo leather upper and exquisite workmanship by the players and the fans love, the football field is called a true "legend." After the Nike Tiempo Legend 5 glorious served for two years, NIKE timely introduction of soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legend 6 in the Spanish National Derby Eve were taking over, reflecting Tiempo only for scenes born glorious tradition.

Nike's first soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Premier, it is called a classic black and white color football field. In the past, this pair of classic boots accompany a lot of good players galloping track, help players race a success. To commemorate this Tiempo series shoes, nike brand launched Tiempo Legend V. It is an innovative concept of professional soccer shoes.

tiempo legend v also features and innovative Nike Hypervenom (Nike "poison front") of the same kind of shoe, so that the shoes of structure more in line with the anatomy of science, to further enhance your feet touch football. Tiempo Legend V engineering floor also added new elements, together with the rhythm of the foot, providing good stability, traction and comfort. It's part of the heel and forefoot spikes is using a widening design, enhances stability. Forefoot and toe area also used conical studs, intended to enhance the steering speed. Starting from Nike Tiempo Legend 4, NIKE soccer shoes in comfort at the heel up and down a lot of effort. Class suede suede design not only can effectively suppress the occurrence of wear heels to enhance the wearing comfort, but also can firmly lock the heel, fragile "Achilles' heel for protection. While in the Nike Tiempo Legend 6, design director NIKE football is played "ultimate comfort locking" slogan, continue to strengthen the essence of the design of this series at the heel shoes. Equally amazing including Nike Tiempo Legend tongue 6, inherited the family foundation tongue protection and comfort of the essence, NIKE will Tiempo Legend 6 with shoelaces were one design, so not only can effectively tongue deviation to solve problems, while at the foot skeleton with a built-in, you can post to tie his shoe on the foot effectively locking enhance stability in the movement of the feet.