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Recommend Professional Adidas Ace17 + PureControl soccer shoe

Posted by admin 27/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Adidas Soccer Shoes,

Checkered Black Colorful Adidas Ace17 + PureControl's debut spy is now out. From the spy can be seen, the retail version of the Ace17 + PureControl will finally to the foot of Berger and others "star version" in line.


The second color of the Adidas Ace17 + PureControl soccer shoe is a classic, straightforward design. As a Adidas board black series in a black Ace17 + PureControl will be listed in January 2017.

Checkerboard black Adidas Ace17 + PureControl football shoes whole body black, and Adidas three bars are reflective silver. In addition, the other Adidas logo on the shoes are white, which is the color of Boost in the end. Through the transparent bottom, we can see Boost in the end.


Technically speaking, the checkerboard black Ace17 + PureControl football shoes and endorsements are very close at the foot of stars. In order to give the players a smoother bashing area, the board black Ace17 + PureControl football shoes with a non-shoelace design, Primeknure uppers and NSG coating.


Chessboard Black Ace17 + PureControl soccer shoes in the end now use Boost technology. The technology was originally appeared in Adidas running shoes on the cushioning technology, and now finally came to the football shoes.