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THE NIKE PREMIER Static Resolution

Posted by admin 10/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Soccer Shoes,


Since May this year, Nike launched THE NIKE PREMIER Boots, I have been unable to ignore its existence. However, this is the ultimate retro double boots sale but never the United States began. In the United States, its simple configuration, with kangaroo leather uppers, plus the $ 99 sale price is, indeed, real gourmet! And Footlocker website also discount! Coupled with me from there to buy a pair of running shoes, this pair THE NIKE PREMIER naturally joined the camp of my boots!

Boots design inspiration taken from two classic boots, swept the World Cup in 1994 and 1971, Nike Tiempo Premier advent The NIKE Soccer Shoes. So, when I opened the shoebox, boots not too amazing feeling. But that steady low-key sense of luxury, suffocating! Shoebox do not have much internal parts, also in line with the boots itself minimalist style. Outside of the shoe, like most of the 1971 THE NIKE boots. Boots inside, similar to the style. Toe alignment, unusual traditions and simple, in fact through numerous optimization. Sexy ass concise, herein brain supplement it. Front boots with a classic kangaroo leather material, then the unit is using the less common of the first layer of sheepskin. Texture difference between the two is obvious, but the cortex is very soft. Forefoot soft kangaroo leather, very Rouran. But it is not very thin, more traditional feel, similar to the old Puma King.