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Uncovering the Secrets of Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl Lace-Free Football Shoes

Posted by admin 02/05/2018 0 Comment(s)




Although it is not the first time to play no shoelaces, Adidas's newest flagship product, the ACE 16+ PureControl, is still a strong screen for the entire football shoe industry.

People can't help but ask: How can these two-point shoes without laces ensure the stability of shoes and feet without the binding of shoelaces? Today, we use a pair of disassembled Sample shoes to show everyone the secrets of shoes without shoelaces. There is no doubt that the biggest challenge before the ACE 16+ PureControl is to ensure the utmost lockability of shoes and feet. The key to obtaining shoes and foot attachment is the built-in Primeknit knitted stabilizer, which Adidas calls the Techfit support system. In general, we can imagine the Techfit support system as a tight underwear made from Primeknit material, which can completely wrap your feet and greatly conform to the feet. The key is that the pink Techfit support system is not fixed dead, so that it does not limit the activities of the foot, to avoid the resulting discomfort. When wearing shoes, you can adjust the position of the inner support system with the red pull ring on the top of the collar to better fit your foot shape. Of course, the main purpose of the pink system here is to replace the role of the shoelace system, but it does not have the ability to freely adjust the elasticity of the traditional shoelace system. This is a delicate balance that Adidas spent for two years on shoelaces without laces. Adidas Ace16 Purecontrol When no shoelace was just launched, many people are worried about throwing the shoes together when they shot the door. In fact, such a problem after seeing the dismantled pictures is a matter of anxiety. The internal Techfit support system is firmly connected on both sides to the outsole, and it stays firmly attached to your feet when running or shooting. So does ACE 16+ PureControl lack lock-in? Then you must have not really tried it! The last structure that guarantees the stability of the knitted upper is actually visible without dismantling the shoes. It is the black three-way bar on the outside of the body. In addition to the commercial factors that symbolize the Adidas logo, the three TPU skeletons are the perfect solution to the softness. The support needed for the upper and the shape of the overall shoe can be maintained in one stroke.

It must be admitted that this dismantling is indeed too cruel for a pair of Adidas Ace16 Purecontrol shoes, but it is an eye-opener for the majority of shoe fans, at least we really understand the secret hidden inside it!