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adidas ACE 17+ PureControl Football shoes cushioning

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Adidas is undoubtedly the most popular sports brand recently. In 2016, it is nearing the end. Firstly, it has improved the classic COPA series, launched COPA17, and then made a big fuss on the new ACE series. It will be the leading Primeknit weaving technology and Boost. The bottom technology is superimposed, with the Boost midsole being the first to appear on big field football shoes! Having ACE17+PureControl after Boost's midsole will provide better cushioning effect, which will improve comfort, and other players such as Bogba are also on this foot.

As adidas's top technology for these years, Boost's midsole material has been proven in running and basketball. This technology, invented by BASF in Germany, is used for foaming and extrusion molding of TPU balls to provide strong cushioning and resilience. Boost technology's Ultra Boost shoes are the flagship products of adidas and lightweight design. The "feeling in the clouds" is a common feeling for all those who have experienced this technology, and the king of street tide shoes like NMD and coconut! Also equipped with Boost, it can be said that just relying on this technology allows adidas to achieve a lot of results in all areas of its shoes.

How to apply Boost to two of the world's most watched sports: basketball and football, is also the direction that adidas has been striving for. This summer, adidas finally used the full-boss midfielder for the first time on basketball shoes. Rose, Wiggins and Harden signed the shoes on the shoes according to the requirements of the players and used this pair of knee cushions. technology. Two years ago, adidas tried to add Boost cushioning technology to the small field soccer shoes. However, because football is different from running and basketball, it has higher requirements on the hardness of the soles, so adidas will not be able to compete in the big field. Use this technique on football shoes. Now with the advent of the ACE17, we can find that adidas uses the built-in midsole to add Boost technology to the big football shoes, which solves the problem that soft soles and stability cannot be combined. Adidas's ACE 17+PureControl doesn't have much change in appearance compared to the current ACE 16+PureControl, but it still has a slight difference in technology. It has been stamped with friction lines on both sides of the toe cap. The coverage area of ​​the NSG layer helps to control the ball. The biggest bright spot is the Boost midsole we mentioned repeatedly in the previous article. You can clearly see one of the TPU foaming small particles in the transparent skylight that is open on the sole, and this design Also expressed adidas can not wait to show their mood to add Boost technology to the big football shoes. However, not all of the ACE 17's shoes are equipped with full-boost Boost cushioning technology, and only the top-level ACE 17+ PureControl is equipped with a full-boost midfielder, which is what we often say without laces. The AG outsole has no shoelace ACE 17. The midsole is not equipped with Boost, which makes many AG players feel sorry, but it does not matter, adidas for the AG version of no shoelaces delivery pair of Boost insoles, so how much can also experience Boost brings cushioning experience! In addition, there is a big news. In the adidas ultra-low profile shoes Adidas Ace Tango 17+ PureControl, we were pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to no shoelace design, there are also Boost figures in the heels of the shoes. Putting on sneakers with Boost cushioning soles on a relatively hard artificial turf pitch will definitely reduce foot fatigue. Adidas added Boost to the sneakers to enhance cushioning. This method of transplanting the cushioning technology of basketball shoes onto soccer shoes inevitably reminds people of Nike's "Air Zoom" before joining the T90. Many people remember Nike had used Zoom air cushion on the T90, but not many people know that Nike once used this technology in the legendary series. In the Air Zoom Tiempo Legend, Nike cushioned through the Zoom air cushion unit. The practice of adding air cushions to the soles of inflated swords will increase the weight of the sneakers. At the same time, air cushions also have the problem of instability. But from a different perspective, this practice is after all a product of several years ago. It is already very effective to present such ideas and pay for them. If this is not enough exaggeration, then the next pair of shoes we may mention may make many young fans breathtaking: Secutor Shox, a pair of air shoes using football technology. Once under Nike's flag, air column technology was used primarily in basketball shoes. Carter, the "Canada trapeze," is the spokesman for the Shox series. However, Nike uses this technology in a small field soccer shoe ingenuity, and it seems that early Nike was more inclined to make changes in the structure to enhance the effect of cushioning. Later, with the development of modern football, football shoes began the journey of the most light, through the constant provision of cushioning with the device "fitting" has been uncomfortable, and slowly we found Zoom air cushion is not in the football shoes, Secutor Shox also disappeared after only two generations of launch. Even on the basketball court, it was difficult to see it again. Instead, Nike added Lunarlon cushioning to his small field shoes. He was keen to add shoes to his shoes. The cushioning Nike also began to compromise, improving the cushioning from the perspective of changing the material. Nike's Lunarlon cushioning has already achieved good results in the Nike footballX professional football shoes series. Adidas took its own Boost cushioning from big to small shoes to take it all. It can be said that it is a concession. Who will laugh at the end is still waiting for the player's actual test.