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adidas F50 adizero Carnaval TRX FG Zest Berry

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At the beginning of 2015, Adidas in such playfully gesture released their new theme package "Haters Pack", with popular words to express is the "pull hate." Set includes a series of five Soccer Shoes were deep Berserker, colorful falcon, fresh 11pro, vibrant freefootball boost, as well as today's hero - a whole new generation adizero f50. Previously, we had to write the top section FG Reviews, today we introduce the same below for the top section of the AG version.


In the beginning we search for information online, send us and Adidas AG, SAMPLE version, and the final commercial version of this evaluation there are many different. See the final commercial version, or let us shines. FG version to be more than the toe round and full, which is for players upturned toe hypertrophy Gospel, reducing the chance of toe pressure. First high-profile use of color red as the main colors of the sun, and it is integrated into the upper Obscure Angels & Demons combination of "Satan," the mask pattern, combined with three-dimensional body snakeskin friction coating, not only show full strength, but also exudes with an "Phantom of the Opera" as the domineering. This generation temperament products precisely match the spokesperson Suarez.


Xiao Bian was beginning puzzled: "Everybody is Satan, Satan Where is it?" The shoes are set as shown above, two upper stitching together will expose Satan's skull face, very domineering. A new generation of Adidas F50 vamp follow acclaimed Hybridtouch patented microfiber fabric, and is a one-piece cover the entire upper (canceled the previous generation behind the shoe segments harder Speedfoil material), overall better. Vamp adds snakeskin-like 3D dribbletex friction coating, such a design also used in the previous generation, but overwhelmed by more three-dimensional coating coverage spread throughout the upper. Improvements mentioned above are based on player feedback made. The thickness of the upper of only 2.99 mm, thin soft, feel good and when force is very crisp shot, are well aware of this point f50 powder.